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Razer just made the Meta Quest 3 comfortable and stylish in one go

Razer is joining forces with ResMed to release a Meta Quest 3 facial interface and head strap, while also pushing its Hammerhead earbuds.

Razer facial interface and head strap for meta quest 3

Razer is stepping back into the world of virtual reality with its new Meta Quest 3 facial interface and head strap. Codesigned with ResMed technology once again, this accessory is built with comfort in mind and follows the award-winning standard set by its Quest 2 iteration.

Despite being one of the best VR headsets, the Meta Quest 3 is not a comfortable headset to wear until you change the default strap. I highlighted this in my Meta Quest 3 review and personally swapped my head strap out less than a month after the headset was released. Razer has a history with the Quest headsets too, so it’s great to see it return to the market with another innovative design.

Uniquely, this design from Razer resembles a CPAP headstrap. This is no surprise given that ResMed is a medical technology business primarily focused on making CPAP machines.

These machines have to be comfortable to wear to sleep in them, so it’s a clever partnership that benefits both parties. It does, however, lead to a product that looks rather odd in comparison to others that are available, although admittedly that could be because the black strap contrasts rather harshly with the white headset design.

Meanwhile, the facial interface is designed to reduce irritation, improve comfort, and be easier to keep clean versus the fabric option Meta includes with every headset. The interface and head strap are approved by Meta too, earning the “Made for Meta” accreditation. This means you won’t run into any nasty surprises when trying to install the Razer interface and head strap.

Razer also highlights that its Hammerhead wireless Bluetooth earbuds are now compatible with the Meta Quest 3 if you’re looking for a simple audio system, or to increase your immersion in your favorite games.

The Razer facial interface and head strap can be purchased for $139.98, with both individual items costing $69.99. This means there is no savings for buying the complete set should you only be interested in one of the other. Meanwhile, the Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed earbuds for Meta Quest 2 and 3 cost $149.99.

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