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The best VR headset of 2023 just added a killer new feature

Steam Link and Xbox Cloud Gaming being added to the Meta Quest 3 proves that Meta is backing its flagship VR experience.

Game Pass on Meta Quest 3

I’m obsessed with my Meta Quest 3 and I’ve likely spent more time gaming in VR than on PC or console since its release. Now, with the addition of Xbox Cloud Gaming as a new way to play, this gap is only going to increase.

As one of the best VR headsets you can buy right now, the Meta Quest 3 has already added Steam Link support for wireless PCVR play. With the latest update, one of the most anticipated features finally arrives with Xbox Cloud Gaming, letting you enjoy the benefits of Game Pass without an Xbox console, but with a display that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Cloud Streaming isn’t the optimal way to play Xbox games, that much should be obvious, but it’s slowly becoming a powerful alternative if you don’t own a console, or can’t access it for any reason.

Halo Infinite on Meta Quest 3

The Xbox Cloud Gaming app is live in the Meta Store, but you must ensure you have the v60 software installed before launching the app. As the app is currently new to the store, simply typing Xbox into the search bar won’t bring it up, and you will have to scroll through a few other entries before you eventually find it.

You’ll have access to every game that’s part of the Xbox Cloud Gaming library and you can play them on a virtual screen. A passthrough mode is also possible on the Quest 3 headset only. An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is required for cloud streaming access.

You’ll need at least a 20MBps connection to get the best experience, but while speeds are important, stability is also a huge factor, so you may want to check out our list of best gaming routers for a WiFi upgrade.

Connecting a controller is also proving difficult for some, with the official Xbox Wireless controller connecting to the Meta Quest 3 fine, but not responding within the app. I had the same issue, but a restart of the headset fixed this.

Hopefully, any other issues will be ironed out with updates, as the app is marked as still in beta for now. PlayStation 4 controllers are supported alongside Nintendo Switch Pro ones, but Dualsense support isn’t arriving until next year.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) app is compatible with the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro.

While Xbox on Meta Quest headsets is a big win, you can also check out the best Meta Quest 3 games playable natively on the headset for some additional inspiration.