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Metal Gear Solid singer teases us all over possible MGS3 remake

A tease from Metal Gear Solid voice actor and singer Donna Burke teases a re-recording of the iconic Snake Eater track, sparking yet more MGS3 remake rumours.

Donna Burke sparks MGS3 remake rumours with recording photos - Naked Snake smirks as he looks through binoculars in Metal Gear Solid 3

Here we go again. Metal Gear Solid voice actor and singer Donna Burke has sent the rumour mill into overdrive by sharing photos of her seemingly recording something related to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. With the ever-circling rumours of an MGS3 remake project in the works at Konami growing in their insistence of late, Burke’s latest posts are clearly designed to tease those eager for a return of the best stealth game of all time.

Burke, who voiced the iDROID in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain as well as Ground Zeroes, also recorded a cover version of Cynthia Harrell’s original Bond-like title track ‘Snake Eater’ for the Metal Gear Solid Vocal Tracks album produced and released in Japan by Konami in 2015. As such, it’s likely that she might be called into action for a re-recording of the iconic song, given that Harrell officially retired from professional singing in 2019.

“Recording in progress!” Those three words from Burke (via PlayStation Lifestyle), along with a selfie of her holding artwork of a cat wearing the eyepatch of Big Boss along with the words ‘Snake Eater,’ are certainly enough to get every Metal Gear Solid fan leaping out of their chairs. Of course, we’d urge that you take a few deep breaths and exercise a modicum of caution.

MGS3 - photograph of voice actor Donna Burke holding a 'Snake Eater' picture with a cat dressed as Big Boss

Actors involved with the series have certainly been known to tease fans in the past – much like the notorious antics of series creator Hideo Kojima himself. Suggestions of a possible Metal Gear Rising 2 from Raiden voice actor Quinton Flynn have, so far, not borne any actual fruit. However, with the Silent Hill 2 remake proving that Konami is prepared to make moves in the game industry once more, it’s certainly possible something could be on the cards.

Adding even more fuel to the fire is Burke’s follow-up tweet, which includes photos from the recording session that include a conveniently placed page featuring the opening lyrics to Snake Eater. What a thrill, indeed. Burke also responds to several replies with nods to other lyrics, such as “A snake? A tree frog?” Whatever the reality, she’s clearly having fun.

MGS 3 - close-up of a tweet from Donna Burke featuring the lyrics to MGS3 theme 'Snake Eater' on a piece of paper left on a table

Yet again, I’d urge restraint in your expectations. Don’t get me wrong; nothing would make me happier than a polished-up version of what was, for many years, my favourite game of all time. But until official confirmation arrives, I’ll be taking everything with a big pinch of salt.

It’s possible this could be something as simple as a new release of the soundtrack, or maybe it’s another addition to Konami’s infamous Metal Gear Solid 3-branded pachinko machines. Or perhaps Burke is just looking to stir the pot in hopes that it will kick Konami into actual action.

Until we hear anything more official, you can amuse yourself with a Metal Gear Solid 2 third-person camera mod that puts a new perspective on the groundbreaking vampire game. Alternatively, take a look through the best old PC games for some more classics that you can still play today.