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Metal Gear Solid Master Collection will work with keyboards, kind of

In the wake of fan feedback, Konami will be providing the MGS Master Collection with some keyboard and mouse support, but this varies by game.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake and Raiden are pointing their weapons inside a base at an offscreen enemy.

News that the first volume of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Master Collection wouldn’t support gaming keyboard and mouse inputs understandably dampened hopes of a proper PC port of the Kojima classics. Thankfully, however, feedback from fans about the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection has prompted Konami to partly rethink its peripheral plans.

During a recent Konami press event, we got to play the Switch version of the entire collection and speak to Céline Combelles, senior brand manager for Metal Gear Solid at Konami, about the PC version specifically. During our conversation, she mentioned that due to fan requests following the previous announcement of no MGS keyboard support, the team is now trying to integrate mouse and keyboard controls in some way for all games in the collection.

Metal Gear Solid: First person view of Snake shooting a guard with a tranq gun. Guard is aware of his presence.

PCGamesN reached out to Konami for an official statement on the issue, which expands on these comments with specifics we can now share with you. However, it stresses that this is a work in progress and that we’ll hopefully receive an update closer to launch.

Metal Gear Solid, as well as the MSX and NES games, will only receive keyboard support, as these are either 2D games or barely use a first-person mode. Metal Gear Solid 2 will primarily get keyboard controls but with some mouse support. Metal Gear Solid 3 is the only game in the collection that will have keyboard and mouse support.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake is hiding in the grass in his camoflage suit.

This is good news for those wishing to play the bundle with a keyboard and mouse as it means they don’t need to splash out on a compatible PC controller to enjoy these classic games. Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol.1 will release on October 24, 2023, but if you can’t wait that long, here is a selection of the best PC games of this year.