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Metal Hellsinger mods will let you add your own custom music

Metal Hellsinger mods are already planned for future updates, with one letting players add their own custom music to Funcom's rhythm game FPS hybrid

Metal Hellsinger mods will let you add your own music: Female red demon with horns and tattered bat wings wearing a blue cloak and armor stands with a rock in the background

Metal Hellsinger mods may not be too far off, as Funcom have confirmed that the rhythm FPS game will be adding the ability to customise the in-game music to suit your own style in future updates.

Metal Hellsinger is quite unlike any game I’ve ever seen before. Thrusting players into the guise of The Unknown, a female demonic entity with quite the chip on her shoulder, you tear through the numerous rings of hell to the guttural growls of metal icons like Matt Heafy of Trivium and Alyssa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy.

Music is the game’s blackened heart and soul, as popping heads to the beat will earn increase your rage multiplier and, in turn, add new layers to the song playing in the background.

What if you could add your own music to the game, though? Be it your own or replicas of some of metal’s greatest anthems, it looks like Funcom are looking to let you shake up the Metal Hellsinger soundtrack in the near future.

Metal Hellsinger mods will let you add your own music: Demon with black wings draws her sword against totem-like bony enemy in icy setting

In a September 15 tweet, Funcom reveal that mod support will be coming to PC, allowing players to add their own musical endeavours to the game.

“Let’s tear down the skies. Coming to PC soon. Custom music modding support. Unleash hell. To YOUR beat.”

Given that the game does have a set soundtrack which doesn’t change if you replay levels, the fact that you’ll be able to add your own music in the future increases not just the replayability, but the fun factor. After all, you do need to grind through old levels over and over again, so why not change the soundtrack (and in turn, the entire gameplay) up a bit?

For me, having In Waves blasting in the background as I tear through The Red Judge’s legions sounds like an absolute dream – so let’s hope this update drops sooner rather than later!

Until then, though, you can check out the Metal Hellsinger system requirements to see if your PC can handle the metal. Also, if you’re already playing, be sure to check out the best rhythm games on PC if you’re loving slaying to the beat.