Halo DLC hits Microsoft Flight Simulator for free

Flight Sim Halo DLC is available for free, and the big 40th anniversary update is coming later in 2022. But the Pelican is what you really want, right?

Flight Sim Halo DLC is available now

Brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator Halo DLC was confirmed at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, and it’s available to download now on Game Pass. Furthermore, the Flight Simulator 40th anniversary update is coming in November 2022 – yes, the series is really that old.

Earlier this month we thought we’d seen the biggest Flight Sim crossover ever with the Top Gun: Maverick tie-in DLC, but now Xbox’s biggest FPS game franchise is taking to the skies too. The biggest news for Microsoft Flight Simulator is that the new Halo Infinite DLC is available now, and it gives players the opportunity to fly the iconic Pelican craft in the PC simulation game through the skies – and above them – for the first time.

Furthermore, the big 40th-anniversary update will hit the flight game in November 2022 with new aircraft, helicopters, and even classic vehicles from the history of flight – such as the Wright Bros plane and the Spirit of St Louis, which we can’t imagine will go very fast.

Check out the full trailer below.

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The Halo Infinite Pelican DLC for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now through Game Pass, which you can pick up below.

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