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Flight Simulator’s Iberia update arrives in March

Spain, Portugal, and the surrounding region will get a host of upgrades in Microsoft Flight Simulator's World Update 8, which is due out next week

A small single-engine plane flies over a sunlit bay on the coast of Spain in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is due for another big world update. World Update 8: Iberia, which was announced back in January for the simulator game, will add the usual tender loving care to Spain, Portugal, and surrounding regions when it arrives March 22.

As with past world updates, the Iberia patch will add a host of new points of interest, as well as enhancing the region with updated satellite imagery and elevation data. Airports, cities, and landmarks usually get nice visual enhancements, and Asobo typically creates some new discovery flights, landing challenges, and bush trips for the world updates. Asobo Studio still hasn’t provided a detailed breakdown of exactly what the update will include, however.

The Iberian Peninsula includes Spain and Portugal, as well as Andorra, Gibraltar, and a slice of southern France. All told, it’s more than 583,000 square kilometres, and it’s home to the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Valencia, and Seville. The update will add six cities, as well as the new two-metre resolution elevation maps that provide more realistic terrain.

The update will also include another ‘local legend’ aircraft, the Dornier Do J Wal. It’s categorised as a ‘flying boat’ and was the first aircraft to cross the South Atlantic, flying from Palos de la Frontera in Spain to Buenos Aires, Argentina in January 1922.

After Iberia, four more world updates are scheduled for release in 2022.