Forget Windows 11, Windows 12 is apparently releasing soon

A Windows 11 successor is seemingly on the cards, as Microsoft has apparently canned a major update and plans to release Windows 12 in 2024

Windows 12: Laptop with Windows 11 logo and wallpaper with cross over number and 12 at right hand of text

Windows 11 is fresh on the scene, but Microsoft is apparently planning to release Windows 12 in 2024. The company has also allegedly cancelled its next big Windows update, known as Sun Valley 3, in an effort to prepare for its next big operating system release.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is switching back to its old three-year release date rhythm, meaning a Windows 11 successor could arrive soon. Dubbed “next valley”, insiders say the company’s next major operating system should arrive in 2024, while planned Sun Valley 3 features will now be included as part of the upcoming Sun Valley 2 update.

It’s not clear whether the next major release will arrive with a Windows 12 title, especially if it pulls another ‘seven ate nine’ gag like with Windows 10. As you’d perhaps expect, the OS is also very early on in development, so it’ll be a while before we get a sniff at potential features.

If you’re a fan of Windows 11, news of a successor might come as a sombre surprise. However, an additional change in update practices means the operating system could gain new features every few months, meaning it’ll potentially burn bright before it hands over its keys. 

In terms of market share, Windows 10 still wears the operating system crown, but Windows 11 is slowly taking over the reins. Whether or not it’ll completely take over before 2024 remains to be seen, but gaming PC features like auto HDR and DirectStorage should help tempt more users to make the jump.