Best Minecraft Legends upgrades

The best Minecraft Legends upgrades aren't always obvious, so we've broken down which ones your should try to get your hands on first.

Best Minecraft Legends upgrades: a glowing blue green cube sits atop a blue green glowing tower.

Looking for the best Minecraft Legends upgrades? The action-strategy game has a handful of different upgrades to pick from, but it isn’t immediately clear which ones are the most beneficial. We break down which ones you should try to get your hands on first.

Early on in Minecraft Legends, you’re going to find yourself with an ever-increasing amount of Prismarine. The resource is exclusively used for buying upgrades, but you’re going to want to buy specific upgrades in order to get stronger in the game. To help with this, we’re going to break down the best upgrades for you to spend your hard-earned Prismarine on in the strategy game. Loading your Well up with the wrong upgrades will only increase the number of times you’ll need to go after small outposts, so it helps to have a better idea of what to aim for before you start spending your hard-earned resources.

The best upgrades in Minecraft Legends

When you’re able to get it, the upgrade we recommend is Cure Netherrack. Once you have this, you can use your gather allays to change Netherrack into regular Earth, which will allow you to build inside enemy bases. This is indispensable, as you can spawn mobs closer and set up arrow towers and the like.

Next up is the Gather Redstone upgrade. This resource is predominately used to spawn zombies, but it also allows you to build Redstone launchers, which allow you to fire a powerful attack at nearby buildings or enemies, making it perfect for taking out enemy Arrow Towers or Spawn Machines from a safe distance. Being able to use it earlier in the game will let you progress more quickly. When you unlock zombies and creepers, grab the Diamond and Coal upgrades as well.

Best Minecraft Legends upgrades: a blue area highlights a potential building.

Another great Minecraft Legends upgrade is Wake the Firsts. You shouldn’t buy this one until you have at least 100 gold and have found a Large Golem on your map. But once you meet these requirements, you’ll want to have these Golems join you as soon as you can, as they can’t die, they offer useful benefits and will supply you with extra small golems without you needing to spawn them yourself. The longer you go without their help, the larger a disadvantage you’ll be at when it comes to dealing with Piglin bases.

By this point, you’ll also likely notice yourself maxing out on Prismarine, which needs to be rectified immediately. The Allay Storage upgrade is great for multiple reasons, but each one of these you purchase lets you hold another 150 Prismarine, which is invaluable.

Best Minecraft Legends upgrades: a blue field with a pink river flowing through it.

Once you’re able to hold at least 400 Prismarine, you need to start focusing on increasing your flames of creation. There are two upgrades for this: Flames of Creation and Large Flames of Creation. Do NOT buy the smaller one. The large upgrade costs twice as much but gives you 10 flames, whereas the smaller one only gives you 4. It’s highly worth it to wait until you can afford the larger one, as you’ll have fewer flames and therefore be able to spawn fewer mobs at once if you grab the cheaper option, which won’t do you any favors in the long run. The Banner upgrade is similarly important, as it allows you to command more mobs at once. Both of these need to be purchased when you can to make sure you’re able to command sufficient numbers of troops.

The other upgrades in Minecraft Legends are useful in their own right, but you don’t need to be in a rush to acquire them. The Shared Village Chests improvement is great if you don’t want to fast travel to villages to grab their rewards, but you really don’t need to worry about the Abundant Allays upgrade, as you might not even need to increase how many allays you have. Similarly, Expert Carpentry may not make that much of a difference for you either. As long as you pay all of this in mind, you’ll be able to smoothly progress through Minecraft Legends by getting the best upgrades when you need them.

Now you know the best Minecraft Legends upgrades, you’ll have a much smoother experience crushing the Piglin invasion. Check out our Minecraft Legends multiplayer guide if you plan on delving into the PvP mode, and if you’re looking for something else to tackle, we’ve got the best PC games here, packed with wall-to-wall goodness.