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How to get Prismarine in Minecraft Legends

You're going to need to find Minecraft Legends Prismarine to afford every important upgrade in order to to take down the invading Piglin army.

Looking for Minecraft Legends Prismarine? When it comes to improving your odds of taking down the Piglin hordes in Minecraft Legends, knowing how to get Prismarine is the most important factor.

You’ll accrue the resource as you play the RTS game, but if you’re wondering when exactly you get it and how you can come by it more quickly, then this Minecraft Legends guide is going to break down exactly how and where to get Prismarine. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be laying waste to Netherportals in no time flat. Don’t forget to check out our Minecraft Legends resources guide to increase your Prismarine resources cap.

Where to find Minecraft Legends Prismarine

The most obvious way to get Prismarine is to destroy Piglin bases. Outside of the game’s introduction, hovering over any given base on the map will let you know that the resource will be awarded to you for successfully clearing the area. But actually getting to the point where you can take down larger bases is going to take a hefty amount of Prismarine on its own. If you look at the map once you’re through the game’s introduction, you may be wondering how you’re even meant to keep getting Prismarine to even become strong enough to fight the good fight.

It might not be obvious due to only bases showing up on the map after a bit, but the tiny Piglin outposts are still all over the place. You’ll need to zoom in closer on the map to see them, though, as they won’t appear unless you do. Completing these will net you a small amount of Prismarine, but they’ll be a massive help toward getting you on your way to better upgrades. What’s more is that you don’t only get the resource from clearing outposts and bases. Destroying Piglin buildings will often net you some, so it’s important to try and destroy every building. When you get to small bases, you might be tempted to just hit the portal, but doing so will cause the other buildings to vanish.

Finally, another one of the most reliable ways to get Prismarine is via village defence. Piglins will usually attack a village every night. If the village fountain gets destroyed, the chest will be empty after the raid. But if you keep the fountain above 0% health, the chest will grant you Prismarine the next time you open it. With all this in mind, you shouldn’t have trouble getting a lot of Prismarine in Minecraft Legends. It only takes 100 to afford most upgrades, so get plugging away and you’ll get there in short order.

That’s everything you need to get Minecraft Legends Prismarine. You may also want to check out our guide on Minecraft Legends Lapis Lazuli if you’re on the hunt for more resources. As you progress, you’re going to want to increase your Minecraft Legends banner size in order to command more mobs, so be sure to give that guide a read. Finally, if you want to get away from the blocks for a while, check out our list of the best PC games for more AAA releases.