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Minecraft Legends multiplayer explained

Minecraft Legends multiplayer features a PvP base defence mode, and considering how fun PvP is in vanilla Minecraft, this manic mode is set to be explosive.

Want to dive into Minecraft Legends multiplayer to defend and attack against another team of PvP players? This Minecraft Legends mode is the perfect blend of base defence, PvP, and classic Minecraft world design.

Minecraft Legends combines the world of Minecraft with strategy gameplay, as you choose armies of Minecraft Legends mobs to defend against an invasion of Piglins. When the Minecraft Legends release date arrives, those pesky Piglins are set to burst forth from their Nether Portal, and while you might be able to defend against them with a few Skeletons and Zombies by your side, it can’t hurt to have some friends there, too. So here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Legends multiplayer.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer: The lobby screen for the pvp online versus mode, showing a blue team and an orange team.

Minecraft Legends PvP multiplayer explained

Minecraft Legends features a competitive 4v4 multiplayer mode in which race to be the first to destroy the opponent’s base.

Both teams start the Minecraft Legends PvP multiplayer with a small base tower somewhere on the large Minecraft Legends map. Like vanilla Minecraft, Minecraft Legends generates randomly, so the world – and base locations – changes every match. First things first, then, you might want to send someone on a recon mission at the start of the game to locate the enemy team’s base.

On a separate, less competitive note, you can also enjoy the game’s campaign with up to four players. While we personally like to /maintain/ the utopian balance of the overworld, which you can also do with friends in Minecraft Legends co-op, it is always fun to best another team of online players.

Gather resources

Gathering resources is crucial to success, and you can even use Allays to help you gather wood, stone, and other crafting materials. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most important minerals you need for upgrading your base, and can be obtained by killing Piglins around the map. Yes, just like the Minecraft Legends campaign mode, there are still Piglins to fend off as well as the opposing team, so don’t let your guard down.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer: An upgraded base, with additional buildings and spawners, secured by a wooden wall.

Upgrade your base and build an army

Once you’ve gathered materials, it’s time to upgrade your own base, or at least set some members of your team to this job. After all, the better your base, the harder it is for the enemy team to destroy. While a couple of members of your team are hard at work building up your defences, the rest should be using your remaining resources to build mob spawners. You’ll have trouble taking down your opponents’ base alone, so build armies of Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, and Golems to take with you to shoot and blow up the enemy tower. It’s worth noting that resources are shared across your team, so be careful to keep an eye on the bottom left corner of the HUD to see when you’re running out – and don’t be too greedy, teamwork makes the dream work.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer: A large cobblestone golems stands next to a player on a horse, with its arms in the air.


With strong walls built around your resilient tower, and armies of mobs at your side, it all comes down to who has the stronger team. Travel between your own base and that of your enemies to gather more mobs and resources, using them to cause utter destruction. Keep an eye on the all important status bar in the middle of your screen which shows the current level of damage to your base – and the enemy base – but be careful, as it can regress quickly if they hit you with everything they’ve got.

And that’s everything we know about the Minecraft Legends multiplayer mode. Gather your real life friends and your most trusty Minecraft Legends mounts, and show that enemy team who’s got the strongest army. With Minecraft Legends being released to multiple platforms, the next question you no doubt are asking is whether there is Minecraft Legends crossplay, so aren’t you lucky we have the answer to that. Finally, check out our best PC games list to experience some of the greatest titles available on the platform.