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All Minecraft Legends biomes

Understanding your surroundings is half the battle when it comes to success on the battlefield, here are all the Minecraft Legends biomes so you can crush PvP.

Minecraft Legends biomes: four blocky humanoids sit on their equally blocky horses.

Looking for all the Minecraft Legends biomes? Starting a new game in the blocky RTS-like can be a little disorientating at first; the maps are procedurally generated, so it’s vital that you know exactly where you are, and where to look for those precious resources.

Creating an army mighty enough to take on the Piglins isn’t easy, so we’ve collated all the information on Minecraft Legends biomes in one place so you know exactly where to look when scouring the landscape for materials. Collect, expand, and eliminate your enemies in the strategy game with every Minecraft Legends biome.

Minecraft Legends biomes: a blocky human sits on their blocky horses in a blood red field.

Every Minecraft Legends biome

There are nine distinct biomes you’ll encounter when exploring the Minecraft Legends map. Not only does each biome look unique, but the different areas give you opportunities to collect valuable resources. Some of the biomes also contain the Minecraft Legends mounts if you want to ride something other than your trusty steed.

Here is every biome in Minecraft Legends:

  • Meadow
  • Fatelands
  • Badlands
  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Jungle
  • Tundra
  • Dry Savana
  • Jagged Peaks


A relatively flat biome, the meadow areas of Minecraft Legends are filled with plant life, winding rivers, and are a decent source of both Wood and Stone.


Similar to the meadow areas, the Fatelands are filled with green fields and wildflowers, with an important difference; hundreds of anomalous rock formations. These small spires are the best way to gather Stone in Minecraft Legends.


The Badlands are a desert biome held high on a plateau. They are filled with sticky tar pits and deep valleys filled with rare plant life. The high vantage points of the Badlands are an excellent way to survey the surrounding areas.


More densely wooded than the meadow, the forest houses tall, sturdy trees, babbling brooks, and mud puddles. One of the best biomes to gather Wood.


Mangroves and mushroom trees populate the dense swamp areas of Minecraft Legends. The red mushrooms that litter the swamp floor can be used to boost your jump, with the increased jump being handy for scoping out precious Redstone.


A more hostile environment than what we’ve seen previously, the jungle biome houses tall trees dripping with green vines, and an abundance of Redstone. Be careful as you wander, as some of the plant life in the jungle has a tendency to hurt if you get too close.


Don’t get lost in the blinding whiteness of the tundra – a fairly barren environment that houses a few trees, the odd rock, and a huge supply of Diamond if you search hard enough.

Dry Savana

A fairly barren biome, the Dry Savana is host to come dried grass, the odd watering hole, stone outcrops, and some unusually shaped coral plants.

Jagged Peaks

With huge peaks and deep valleys, the vantage points of the Jagged Peaks are home to an abundance of Diamond, 360-degree views of your surroundings, and some excellent cover if you’re planning an attack.

Now you know everything about Minecraft Legends biomes, it’s time to get out there and put a stop to that Piglin invasion. If you’re looking to increase your gathering efficiency, we have a method on how to carry more Minecraft Legends resources. Once you’ve conquered the story mode, it’s time to take on Minecraft Legends multiplayer, or if competitive action isn’t your thing, we have the best PC games here to sink your pickaxe into.