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How to carry more resources in Minecraft Legends

Our tips for carrying more resources in Minecraft Legends, so you have enough Gold, Diamonds, Iron, Coal, and Redstone to see you through every battle.

Minecraft Legends resource more - three guardians gathered outside of a portal. One is a big golem, another is a long tower with multiple eyes, and the third is a small cube with an eye.

Want to learn how to carry more Minecraft Legends resources? To create buildings, mobs, and improvements, you need as many resources as you can carry. You can hold up to 1,000 of each for Stone and Wood quite nicely, but the others have drastically lower resource caps in comparison.

But, as every RTS game fan will know all too well, there’s no worse feeling than running out of Minecraft Legends resources. So how do you increase these caps? You can build improvements at the Well of Fate in the centre of the map. Each one increases your maximum cap for that material but also requires you to invest in more space. You can also build Allay Storage upgrades to improve your Wood and Stone caps, as well as the more coveted Lapis Lazuli, Gold, and Prismarine max caps.

Minecraft Legends resource more - the Improvement: Gather Coal upgrade.

Minecraft Legends resource improvements

Early on, you will gain access to improvements that, when built, improve the maximum number of resources you can carry at once. While you can’t improve the threshold of Wood or Stone beyond its default 1,000, you can build improvement towers to increase the maximum amount by around 50 each. With only so much room available near the Well of Fate, you may need to get creative with laying them out. These upgrades require a total of 100 Prismarine and 100 Stone blocks to make, but this is all you need to improve your caps for Iron, Coal, Redstone, and Diamond.

Minecraft Legends resource more - the Allay Storage upgrade.

As for the Allay Storage improvement, this costs 100 Stone, 100 Prismarine, and ten Gold to make. While the increases are substantial, with the Lapis, Gold, and Prismarine caps increasing by 150 per chest, the extra ten Gold and space needed to make them mean you need to raid Piglin mining outposts to gather the required resources.

With that, you now know how to carry more resources in Minecraft Legends. You can now more easily increase your Minecraft Legends mob limit by saving up valuable resources collected in battle and increasing your Lapis cap to summon more of the best Minecraft Legends mobs to send into battle. Now all you need is to find the best Minecraft Legends mount, and you’re ready to evict the Piglin hordes from the overworld once and for all.