The best Minecraft Legends mounts, abilities, and locations

Charge into battle astride the best Minecraft Legends mounts and harness their unique abilities, though you'll have to locate them in their biomes first.

Minecraft Legends mounts: The player sits astride their noble steed while brandishing a flag into the air.

The best Minecraft Legends mounts vary depending on your chosen destination in the Overworld. While the map isn’t quite on the scale of other open-world games out there, it’s still large enough that the journey from one side to another can easily prove arduous. Thankfully, that’s where mounts come in.

Alongside lutes and banners, Minecraft Legends mounts can help you navigate the expansive action strategy game during both combat and exploration. Each mount comes furnished with its own special ability, so you have a vested interest in collecting them all. Here’s everything we know about the best Minecraft Legends mounts and their locations, as well as the unique skins that you can acquire for them.

Minecraft Legends mounts

You can acquire up to four Minecraft Legends mounts in the strategic spin-off. Some can help you charge across the map in record time, while others can traverse castle defences and rocky cliff faces with little to no effort.

Here are all the Minecraft Legends mounts:

  • Horse
  • Regal Tiger
  • Big Beak
  • Beetle

Minecraft Legends mounts: The player holds their flag aloft as piglins and creepers swarm the surrounding landscape, as a stone fortress looms behind them.


The Horse serves as your starter mount in Minecraft Legends. While it’s a basic mode of transportation, it outruns standard Minecraft Legends mobs and can serve you well during those first few hours. As you might expect, the Horse has no special abilities to speak of, but this noble steed can get you to wherever you need to go with minimal fuss.

Location: You’re furnished with a Horse right at the start of your adventure, and consequently you won’t locate any out in the wild.

Minecraft Legends mounts: The player sits astride a sabertooth tiger in the middle of a green meadow dotted with colourful flowers.

Regal Tiger

The Regal Tiger is a delightfully cute, purple sabertooth tiger that’s built like a tank. As you might expect, its land speed easily outstrips any other mount in the RTS game, making it fantastic for exploration across wide open spaces, though its lacklustre jump makes it less than ideal on vertical terrain.

Location: The Regal Tiger can be found roaming the Dry Savannah and Badlands biomes.

Minecraft Legends mounts: The player holds their flag aloft while sitting astride Big Beak, the tropical bird mount that resembles a toucan, as a stone golem wrapped with vines walks past.

Big Beak

Big Beak resembles an oversized toucan that’s large enough for you to sit astride its feathery back. Not only can it use its wings to double-jump, which comes in handy for scaling mountains and other large structures, but it can also glide across the open-world game. Big Beak is ideal for navigating the environment without having to worry about pesky mobs, but it can also be used strategically to drop into enemy bases that are open to the air.

Location: Big Beak flocks in the Swamp and Jagged Peaks biomes in particular, though we recommend seeking it out in the former to avoid an arduous mountain hike on foot.

Minecraft Legends mount: The player brandishes their flag into the air while sitting astride the beetle mount that scuttles along the ground as zombies with bows surround them inside a lava fortress.


The Beetle is by far and away the best Minecraft Legends mount. It can traverse defensive walls and other vertical obstructions, making it the perfect to invade an enemy base in Minecraft Legends multiplayer. Outside of combat, the Beetle is also the best at travelling over water, and can use its wings to reach high elevations and glide just like Big Beak.

Location:  The Beetle makes its home in the Jungle and Forest biomes, so be sure to seek it out as early as possible.

Minecraft Legends mount skins

The Minecraft Legends deluxe edition comes with a skin pack that includes five additional mount skins, with the caveat that one won’t be available to equip at launch. We’ve already seen a sneak preview of one mount skin for the Horse, but the other four skins are yet to be determined – as is the possibility of more mount skins available in the future.

That’s everything we know about Minecraft Legends mounts and their cosmetic skins for the time being. Our Minecraft Legends gameplay preview is chock-full of features you can expect in the blocky spin-off, though you might want to check the Minecraft Legends system requirements if you’re planning to go up against piglins with a rickety old rig. Finally, if you’re curious how long Minecraft Legends is, we’ve got the answer to that, too.