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Minecraft Legends gameplay shows the Piglin invasion in action

New and uncut Minecraft Legends gameplay was shown off at Minecraft Live 2022, alongside update 1.20 and new update details for Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Legends gameplay shows the Piglin invasion in action: a villager looks up to the sky

Some uncut Minecraft Legends gameplay has been shown off at Minecraft Live 2022, and it gives us our best look at the strategy game yet. Set for release next year, it takes the worlds of Minecraft and transforms them into an entirely different genre, and the gameplay definitely hammers that home.

There’s lots of cool new details, mobs, and mechanics shown off in the Minecraft Legends gameplay, like the rideable mob the Regal Tiger, which is a new mob for the game. The footage also shows off the Well of Fate, which is the player’s “home away from home” during Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends also shifts how you interact with and gather resources from the world. Instead of it being block-by-block like in the main game, Minecraft legends lets you gather resources plot-by-plot, so you can gather more over longer periods of time. You can even jump between the trees, letting you channel your inner Tarzan. The world is also randomly generated just like the vanilla game, so traversal will be different for each player.

You can check out our first look at some uninterrupted Minecraft Legends gameplay below (starting around 44 minutes in):

YouTube Thumbnail

Allay chests will also be scattered across the overworld, and finding them can net you currency and resources for your adventure.

Eventually the Minecraft Legends gameplay takes us to a Piglin base, which happens to need a bridge to be built to get to, using the resources gathered up earlier. You can then build mob spawners to gather up your little army of iconic Minecraft mobs to take on the Piglins, which you can then direct in battle and channel your inner strategy game nut.

There’s also some interesting world traversal in the Minecraft Legends gameplay, as certain grass can speed you up, while bounce pads can send you into the air to easily get over large gaps or up hillsides.

If this wasn’t enough Minecraft Live news for you, we’ve got all the details of the Minecraft Dungeons season 3 release date, and we rounded up everything revealed at Minecraft Live 2022 as well.

Minecraft Legends is set to release sometime in spring of 2023, but you can keep it locked to our Minecraft Legends release date story for when more specific details about the date are revealed. Alternatively you can take a look at our list of the best crafting games on PC this year.