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This Minecraft mod lets you see infinity

Minecraft mods can do a lot of things from changing the game completely to adding in useful features but this one just lets you see infinity

Minecraft Steve in front of a vista from a Minecraft mod

There are Minecraft mods to do whatever you want, from adding in trains to making combat more akin to Elden Ring. Others are far more subtle and are more about tweaking the player experience in more minor ways. Like the Minecraft Distant Horizons mod, which lets you see forever.

Distant Horizons: A Level of Detail, to give it its full name, is a mod that extends how far you can see. It’s a simple enough idea, but the result is that you can see far further than you’d normally be able to. This turns every hike up the side of a mountain into a far more momentous event, because the view from the top is a lot more impressive.

It also means you’ll find it far easier to spot biomes you might be searching for. After all, if you can see things from further away, then finding a vantage point actually allows you to find what you’re looking for. In case you needed a little more proof about how much that can change things, TheMindIsStrange over on Reddit posted up a few images to show the mod off, including the video below.

Minecraft with 1024 chunk render distance from Minecraft

As you can see, this beautifully demonstrates how much of a difference extra rendering distance can make. They fly over a small part of the world and the sheer scale is immense. That’s not all though, they also linked to an image showing off how the End looks with this mod enabled, and also just how strange super flat worlds can be too.

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