Minecraft snapshot 21w03a adds Glow Squids (Axolotls hate them!)

Minecraft snapshot 21w03a is now live, and with it, a new set of pre-release features that’ll be implemented for the Caves and Cliffs update. This time, it’s all about the glow. This snapshot adds Glow Lichen and Glow Squids, which have a number of useful attributes to help you build cool new stuff, including craftable neon signs.

Glow Squids don’t yet spawn naturally in this snapshot, so instead you’ll get eggs for them in your Creative mode inventory. As the name suggests, they glow. And apparently, the recently-added Minecraft Axolotls hate them, as the little amphibians will attack the squids on sight.

When killed, they’ll drop a Glow Ink Sac, which you can apply to any existing sign to make it, er, glow. It seems this will basically create a neon effect, and it’ll work on coloured text, too. A regular Ink Sac will remove the glowing effect. You can also use the ink to craft a Glow Item Frame, which will illuminate any item you choose to put inside.

This snapshot also adds Glow Lichen, which will be a dim light source spawning in caves. You can use shears to harvest it and bonemeal to spread it along surfaces.

As always, you can install snapshots through the Java Edition launcher. You can get more details on the official site.

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For more on the Minecraft 1.17 update, you can follow that link for further details on everything we know about Caves and Cliffs.

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