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Minecraft mod launcher PolyMC could be “compromised”

The Minecraft PolyMC launcher is a big part of the sandbox game for a lot of people, but it could be at risk and should be uninstalled to be safer

Minecraft PolyMC launcher PSA. This image shows some cute pandas playing.

The Minecraft mod launcher PolyMC might not be something you’ve personally heard of, but a lot of people use it to play the sandbox game if they have multiple game profiles and different mod packs. For players that do use it though, a recent PSA on the Reddit and Twitter has said you should uninstall it.

There are a few different launchers for Minecraft that help add useful features to the game, especially for those that play around with a lot of different Minecraft mods. PolyMC is just one of many, but it was popular nonetheless. However, it seems as though one of the creators of the project has gone somewhat rogue.

The information all comes from the Reddit, where a Tweet from Welsknight Gaming was shared showing an image from a Discord post. We appreciate that’s a lot of rabbit holes, but hey, this is Minecraft. The text states that players should uninstall PolyMC as the main keyholder “has been compromised,” apparently due to “an apparent surge of questionable political opinions against inclusivity.” The Discord server is now urging all players to uninstall it and make sure it’s switched off, just in case something untoward happens.

While there’s no guarantee that anything negative will happen, it’s often better to experience the inconvenience of uninstalling than it is to risk booting up a potentially dangerous program. Players will also need to follow the instructions on the stickied comment of this Reddit post, mainly to remove their Minecraft account from the launcher. Again, there’s nothing that’s definitely going to happen, but given the erratic nature of this issue, it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.

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