One of Minecraft’s cutest mobs is getting a spooktacular new update

One of Minecraft's cutest mobs is getting a much-needed update, and it's the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season in style.

A cute little pixellated bat flying in an outdoor area with rocks and a doorway

As Halloween approaches, Minecraft enthusiasts have a treat in store as Mojang pushes the cutest update to one of the game’s tiniest inhabitants: the bat. The flying mobs are getting a visual update that promises to infuse a little extra magic into the Minecraft realm, just in time for the spookiest season of the year

Bats have long been an enduring presence in the sandbox game, silently taking up residence in dark, underground hideaways. However, despite not dropping valuable loot or experience points, they’ve managed to carve a niche in Minecraft players’ hearts – something that the newest mob, the Armadillo, is hoping to do, too.

A blocky castle area with small black bats flying around in it

The quirks of Minecraft’s bats have always been a source of amusement. These winged cuties tend to get themselves into peculiar situations, like setting themselves on fire in ways that can only be described as a macabre comedy.

Despite their love for lava, Bats thrive in poorly lit places, which keeps them in the Halloween spirit. They lie in wait for a brave soul to approach, hanging upside down from solid blocks. This gives players an opening to use a lead to catch them, but if a player gets too close too fast, they take flight aimlessly, which curiously adds another layer of realism to your explorations through monstrous caves and eerie tunnels.

You can see how the adorable little creatures look in the video below, just skip to 1:40!

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As the Halloween season draws near, these updates to the bats in Minecraft promise to make your underground adventures even more spellbinding. So keep your eyes peeled for these charming, airborne creatures in your next Minecraft adventure. With their new cute look and foolish antics, the bats are set to make your 2023 Halloween adventures in Minecraft truly spooktacular.

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