A Minecraft fan is recreating Beat Saber, VR and all

Once the map is done, you'll be able to convert any Beat Saber map into Minecraft

A recreation of Beat Saber inside of Minecraft

Minecraft is stuffed to the brim with various projects that players are committing themselves to. One group of them is currently bringing Destiny to Mojang’s building game, whereas another group is recreating Doom. These aren’t just richly detailed maps, either – they include enemies, weapons, and quests. One of the more recent projects to catch our eye, though, is an upcoming blocky recreation of Beat Saber, VR and all.

One of the creators, Swifter1243, explains on Reddit that they’ve been working on it for a few months now. It’s powered by a modified version of another Minecraft mod called Vivecraft, which lets you hop into the block-builder via SteamVR.

Swifter1243 also shares that you’ll be able to convert any Beat Saber map into this creation with a program they’re developing alongside the data pack. It all sounds quite complicated, and we can’t wait to see it turns out. It’s not quite ready yet, though you can follow the creator on Twitter if you fancy keeping tabs on it yourself.

You can catch a glimpse of it down below:

Working on making Beat Saber in Minecraft (Actually in VR) from Minecraft

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