This Elden Ring-inspired Minecraft build looks incredible

It was only a matter of time until we saw Elden Ring in Minecraft, and 3exu on Reddit has made a stunning first attempt of The Lands Between

An Elden Ring location that serves as the inspiration for a Minecraft build

Arise ye tarnished, ye dead, who yet live, for there is an Elden Ring-inspired Minecraft build to check out. This may be just one of countless builds that we’ll see inspired by The Lands Between, but we’re very excited regardless as Elden Ring’s world is one of the most visually diverse and impressive ones we’ve seen in recent years.

With the bright greens of Limgrave, the stunning autumnal colours in the Altus Plateau, and the unnerving crimson of Caelid, Elden Ring is perfect for any Minecraft builder who likes to show off their skill set. This Minecraft build shows off the beauty of Elden Ring’s starting area. We don’t mean Limgrave, though; we mean the castle you spawn in before running across the bridge to get stomped to death by the Grafted Scion.

The Reddit user responsible for this impressive visage is 3exu, who seems to be a dab hand at turning ideas into screensaver-worthy screenshots. This Elden Ring build, though, is one of their best to date. A large part of that is the beauty of the water surrounding the island, but the whole thing just comes together wonderfully.

In much the same way that we’ve seen The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild appear in voxel form thanks to Minecraft, we’re expecting the same of Elden Ring. So, don’t be too surprised if you see a full Elden Ring Minecraft map at some point. It’ll take a long time, but it’ll be worth the wait.

I’ve made Elden Rings inspired terrain! from Minecraft

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Image credit: Reddit / 3exu
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