Minecraft build boldly tackles the entire universe

This Minecraft build pushes the sandbox games to its creative limits by attempting to recreate a glimpse of the entire universe, which is very large

Minecraft build universe., This image shows a Minecraft space build with the Prince of All Cosmos.

A Minecraft build can fairly comfortably show off just about anything you can think of. One of the greatest joys of this sandbox game is that creativity is basically all that matters, and it means you can build nearly anything you can imagine as long as you’ve got the patience. As it turns out, that includes the entire universe.

The best Minecraft builds could comfortably change every single day, if not more often, because there are always new creations being thought up and put together. The only real trouble is trying to actually find all of these amazing things, because it’s hard to share or discover them without knowing where to look. Thankfully though, that’s where we come in.

Now, recreating the universe sounds like an impossible task, because our universe is ever-expanding, theoretically infinite, and at some point doomed to endure a massive heat death and potential collapse. (If that’s not a good reason to enjoy a nice coffee or takeaway meal today, then we don’t know what is.) However, that implausibility of the task didn’t put off ChrisDaCow, who even went so far as to use maths at some points during their video.

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ChrisDaCow uploaded their video to YouTube showing off the process of building the universe, along with a lovely look through it all at the end. They also go skydiving at one point, and we respect the hustle because you’ve got to go big to get inspiration sometimes. If you want to, you can view some still images on Reddit too. It’s a really astounding Minecraft build, and well worth your time to watch the video.

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