Fans make Minecraft build of Carl & Ellie’s house from Up

The sheer amount of effort that the Minecraft builders have put into this classic house suspended by balloons will leave you flying high in the sky

We see a house floating in the sky in one fan's Minecraft build of Pixar's Up

A Pixar fan has created a lovely Minecraft build of Carl and Ellie’s house from Up. It’s fan-made creations like this that make Minecraft the ultimate sandbox game. Whether you’re looking to play it as a hardcore survival game, a horror game, or just mess around and see what cool things you can build, it’s all possible in Minecraft. It’s the freedom to build that makes the community so wonderful because there’s just so much to see online.

Today we’re bringing you a build from Gamer’s Guild of Carl and Ellie’s house from the film Up. We won’t spoil the Pixar flick for those who haven’t seen it, though be warned that the film has one of the most objectively heart-breaking opening sequences of all time. Thankfully, though, the main attraction of the build is the house that can fly due to an obscene amount of balloons, which makes it much nicer to check out.

It’s all done in creative mode, of course, because building something like this in survival would take ages. It’s a great video to have in the background thanks to its chilled nature, and the full reveal near the end of the video is beautiful.

If you enjoy this video, you can go and watch a few other places recreated in Minecraft, too, thanks to the channel. We’re big fans of both the Wanda & Vision’s Residence video, and the Xavier’s School one, but there are a few to choose from on the channel.

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