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Minecraft has a fully functional keyboard now

A working Minecraft keyboard means you can program Minecraft while you play Minecraft - and it's all thanks to a little raycasting and internal game logic

A Minecraft player's working keyboard is shown attached to an in-game screen with the letter E displayed.

Minecraft players can’t help themselves, and lately they can’t be stopped – they just keep recreating things in the sandbox game. First, it was Wordle, then it was Minesweeper, and now we’ve gone beyond that with one Redditor creating a working in-game keyboard.

That’s right, Redditor CivetKitty took it upon themselves to create a keyboard in Minecraft using map arts and a lot of commands. You can watch a video of them typing that they’ve made it in the game on the post itself, and it’s really impressive. As is so often the case, just because it seems like it would be a simple build, does not mean that’s the case.

A lot of custom content in Minecraft that doesn’t use mods tends to use Armour Stands to help create various effects, but that’s not the case here. Instead, as CivetKitty explains, it works due to “an advancement that detects the turning of the item frame. I then just turned the item back to the original position and then did a raycast to find the exact position you right clicked.” This isn’t a perfect way of doing it, as the item frame hitbox doesn’t cover the entire block, but CivetKitty also states that the devs fixed this issue in 22w15a, the latest Minecraft Snapshot.

As it stands, the only thing you can do with the keyboard is typing, but given how quickly things escalate in Minecraft, we’d not be too surprised to see players downloading it and then programming it in the future. Just imagine playing Minecraft within Minecraft, and then building a keyboard in that to once again program Minecraft. Just try and ignore the multiple levels of new logic and rules required to make something like that work.

I made a realistic keyboard with map arts and a datapack with about 654 commands from Minecraft

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