This Minecraft portrait made from canals is extremely soothing

Take a second to admire the gentle beauty

These are stressful times. You don't need me to tell you that. Here's a gentle Minecraft video, showing some incredible landscaping artistry in the building game, to soothe the mind.

It all starts with a bucket of water atop a mountain. The water starts flowing canals, branching off in different directions as it washes over like falling dominoes. From different angles, you can follow the steady flow down crevasses and around corners, gradually filling up every square of the trail left for it.  Gradually, you get a sense this is marking out something more elaborate, and as the camera pans up towards the end, you can see the image in all its glory.

This wasn't built in the open-world game by conventional means. Commenters on Reddit discussed possibly trying it, but as creator KevinJNguy01 explains, it requires a little more than your average Minecraft castle. “First I had to write a program that converts an image into a 2D outline of blocks. I then wrote a data pack that traces along the outline to make the canals for the water to flow,” He writes. “Finally worldedit was used to create the landscape around the canals. I don't think this will become a trend as it takes quite a lot of effort to do.”

Take a load off for a minute and watch:

A version of World of Warcraft’s Elysian Hold, and a fictional US city, are just a couple of other astounding works from the Minecraft community of late. If this inspires you get creative but you’re stuck for ideas, we have a few inspirations for your next Minecraft build.