Minecraft player makes a working car without mods

A YouTuber called Mysticat has made a working car that you can control in Minecraft using only Command Blocks and an awful lot of patience

A Minecraft build of a car that uses Command Blocks

Minecraft is a sandbox game filled with many wonders. There are plenty of incredible things to stumble across that are native to the game, but many of the most impressive Minecraft builds come from people in the community. For example, you can use Command Blocks to unlock new levels of creativity by building cars or making a perfect circle.

Mysticat is one such person who accomplishes said feats of creativity. The Minecraft YouTuber mainly specialises in making the impossible possible using Command Blocks. This includes making circles in the game, something that sounds like it would be easy to anyone who hasn’t played the game but is unfeasible otherwise. This time around though, they’ve created a working car.

Mysticat explains how to do this in the video (below), and while it’s technically possible using Redstone, it’s not as effective. If you’ve ever wondered about Command Blocks, this is a good video to watch. They go through how the car works, which command to use, and a few valuable nuggets of information regarding the whole process.


The result is that Mysticat then has a race against some friends to show off the working car but doesn’t let them know that they’ve made one. There’s a weird mind trick at play when choosing to race them, as nearly all of the players decide to be player two, but that’s an aside. The video’s final minutes have the other players intensely shocked by the whole car thing, and it’s a joy to watch.

YouTube Thumbnail

Things like this and the zipline we wrote about a short while ago show off how versatile Command Blocks can be, while builds like this working version of Minesweeper are all fuelled by Redstone. It’s all impressive, but the patience required is a little beyond us.

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