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Controversial new mob comes to Minecraft, and it’s available right now

Following a contested vote held late last year, Minecraft has added in its latest mobs with the armadillos and wolves of Armored Paws.

Controversial new mob comes to Minecraft, and it's available right now: A blocky armadillo, from Minecraft.

Last autumn, the Minecraft community was incensed about the results of a mob vote conducted in advance of its 1.21 Update. Players were given an opportunity to vote on three options for the introduction of a new mob: a crab, a penguin, or an armadillo. The results were close, with the armadillo winning, and, once announced, caused some fans to raise concerns that bot voting interfered with the poll — concerns that creator Mojang addressed by assuring Minecraft players that it was “confident that this year’s winner accurately reflects the results of the vote” in an official statement. Now, months later, the controversial mob has come to the game, and we have the details.

Minecraft‘s makers announced today that the building game‘s Armored Paws update is now available in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition, and includes the new armadillo mob, wolf armor, and eight new wolf variations.

The armadillos are found in the dry, dusty badlands and savanna biomes and contain the scute item. Players hoping to collect scute from the armadillos will need to approach them with caution, though, as they drop them while moving around their environment or when the player touches them as they walk by. If they’re moved toward too quickly, armadillos will roll up into cubes.

Wolf armor has also been added with the new armadillo drop, allowing players to better protect their companions from danger. This armor can be dyed different colors, though Mojang points out that it should be easier to tell wolves apart regardless now that there are eight different variations. These variants include ‘the pale wolf’ (which is the renamed original version of the wolf) as well as spotted, snowy, striped, chestnut, rusty, ashen, and black wolves that are spread out across different Minecraft biomes.

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