Minecraft mob vote allegedly tampered with, Mojang responds

Some Minecraft fans believe that the recent mob vote preceding the 1.21 update was allegedly tampered with, prompting Mojang to officially respond.

Minecraft mob vote: A pixel-style armadillo against a grassy backdrop with a river and blue sky

Minecraft is the top-played game of all time more than a decade following its release. Many fans who grew up playing the charming voxel-like game with friends, exploring its grassy plains and eerie mines every weekend, now look forward to things like its annual mob vote, an interactive community event. Following the recent vote’s results, some players expressed worries regarding alleged tampering, prompting Mojang to officially respond.

Mojang keeps Minecraft interesting with steady new content releases, such as it’s latest mob vote winner, the armadillo coming with the Minecraft 1.21 update. Within the genre’s vast sea of impressive entries, the game is regarded as one of the best sandbox games as it provides players with an unrivaled expansive world, endless crafting, various explorable biomes, and unique mobs like the armadillo.

The mob vote saw the armadillo go up against the crab and penguin, with Mojang reporting that over five million players voted. Some fans have since alleged that bots may have tampered with the votes. Minecraft content creator ‘TheMisterEpic’ details such claims in a video, exploring players’ alleged evidence pointing toward the purported possibility of tampering.

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Mojang reassures fans with its official response to such allegations, in which the developer acknowledges possible “attempts to hack/rig the mob vote.” The dev says that while Mojang “is aware that there were attempts to taint the results of the mob vote,” fans can “rest assured that these attempts did not impact the results.”

The team is “confident that this year’s winner accurately reflects the results of the vote.” The armadillo received over 40% of this year’s mob votes, out of over five million total. In contrast, the crab had 32.5% of the votes while the penguin held 25.2%. Crab and penguin stans, no need to despair as we may end up seeing all of the Minecraft mob vote losers added to the game eventually.

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