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One Minecraft fan has recreated the Destiny 2 Last Wish raid

Recreating the Destiny 2 Last Wish raid in Minecraft has taken far more hours than it would normally take to just beat the thing and get the best gear

Minecraft fan recreates Destiny 2's Last Wish raid

Minecraft is home to a lot of recreations inspired by other games, like this deadly take on Tetris. There’s no end to the craft put into the best Minecraft builds, and it’s a breeding ground for creativity and love letters to people’s other favourite games. One fan’s going for something a bit more recent – Destiny 2 is getting the blocky treatment.

Destiny 2 raids are brutally tough levels designed to be taken on as a team, and usually involve weird mechanics and nasty boss encounters. Clan Entropy on YouTube has recreated Last Wish, one of the toughest raids in the history of the series, in Minecraft – although it’s sadly only the level itself, with none of the devious mechanics of the raid.

The YouTuber, posting on Reddit, confirms that their recreation includes the entire playable area of the raid built to a 1:1 scale. It was all done solo, and they began work on it back in November 2021 and have been working on it for six months.

The video itself has some cool details as well. Over 520,000 blocks were used, and it took 146 hours to build and a further 107 hours inside the raid itself for reference material. We’d love to see a download of it in the future, especially as you can mod guns into Minecraft anyway, so it could be the first spark of playable Destiny 2 in Minecraft.

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If this whole thing has you feeling all kinds of inspired, we’ve got some excellent ideas for your next Minecraft house. Of course, you might be here because of Destiny 2, in which case we have the season 17 release time and a look within at all of the goodies confirmed for the next update.

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