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Minecraft meets Dungeons and Dragons in huge new DLC campaign

To celebrate the release of Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves, Minecraft has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to merge the sandbox game with DnD.

Minecraft meets Dungeons and Dragons in huge new DLC campaign: A pixelated, blocky knight character raises a sword at the camera

Ever wondered what Dungeons and Dragons would look like in Minecraft? Well, Wizards of the Coast has answered your question with an all-new DnD collab that will let you celebrate Honor Among Thieves’ release in the sandbox game.

You’ll be able to explore five of the Forgotten Realms’ most iconic vistas, including the libraries of Candlekeep and the arctic tundra of Icewind Dale. You can choose from a vast array of different classes like Wizard and Barbarian, each of whom have a unique set of skills that will help you on your adventure.

That’s not all, though, as with new classes come new enemies. You’ll be taking on everything from the ravenous mimics to, of course, mighty fire-breathing dragons. You’ll have level up your stats to take on these fearsome foes; so get ready to fight for your life.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Wizards of the Coast, to introduce a brand new, story-driven Dungeons & Dragons DLC to Minecraft!” senior producer Riccardo Lenzi says. “We can’t wait for the community to dive in and experience a blocky take on the world of D&D.”

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The DLC is fully voiced, and players will navigate through the world using DnD’s iconic D20, which will determine the outcome of different interactions. My own dice set sits in prime position on my writing desk, and now I’m desperate to throw them.

The Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC is currently set for a Spring 2023 release date. While that’s not exact, at least we know when to expect it.

Alternatively, if Minecraft isn’t really your thing, though, a huge Dungeons and Dragons Steam sale has slashed the price on some of Wizards’ best games and spinoffs, including the now-iconic Baldur’s Gate and several other classic PC DnD games. It’s a limited-time sale, though, so make sure you pick them up ahead of the Dungeons and Dragons movie release date to celebrate in style.

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