Minecraft player uses NASA data to create a 1:45 scale Hawaiian Islands map

Visit Hawaii, in Minecraft form

At least we’ve got videogames to keep us travelling in the middle of a pandemic. If you’re looking for more places to visit, a Minecraft player has recreated the Hawaiian Islands in a “fully playable” map, with the entire chain available to explore. The map uses NASA and other satellite data to ensure accurate topography.

As creator Frank Cesco explains, this is a 1:45 scale map, so a one-meter block now represents 45 meters of real-world ground. The Y-axis scale is actually a bit exaggerated at 1:22, to help create a more varied map to navigate. The map is a total size of 16,663 by 10,567 blocks, so there’s plenty of area to explore.

You can get instructions on how to download the map yourself over in the description of the creator’s YouTube video. If Frank Cesco’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because of the complete map of Europe he published last year, at a much smaller 1:230 scale.

If you just want the broad tour of Hawaii, check out the video below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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