New Minecraft block lets you be “jerks,” but Mojang makes it tough

Minecraft 1.21 will introduce the Vault block, and this has brought up if it will be breakable, and how Mojang lets players be jerks.

Minecraft jerks: a man in silver armor

Minecraft players can be jerks sometimes, and, according to one of the developers of the Mojang sandbox game, that’s by design. That said, the team does discourage the behavior with certain mechanics, and it looks like this will be applied to the new Vault block in 1.21 later this year.

With the Minecraft 1.21 vanilla update on the way, the newest Minecraft Monthly gave us a look at the brand new Vault block coming with the update. The Vault block will let players who are re-exploring Trial Chambers always get rewards, which spurred on questions of whether they’re breakable. Some are worried it’ll let other players be jerks, but as one designer on the sandbox game explains, Mojang has always let players be jerks if they want.

“We never prevent players from being jerks in Minecraft – it’s a sandbox after all,” Minecraft gameplay developer Brandon ‘kingbdogz’ Pearce says. “But, what we do to discourage this is make it extremely long to mine, same as Trial Spawners. It’s a nice middle-ground where it can still be destroyed (albeit very slowly) to build something else.”

“In my opinion, if players are jerks the servers can create rules or at least social etiquette to manage this stuff. It’s also a jerk thing to destroy someone’s house, but we don’t prevent it.”

Pearce’s comments come off the back of the Trial Key and Vault block details in the newest Minecraft Monthly, as they say that Vaults are a “multiplayer experience improvement” to help new players access structure loot on old Realms and servers. Pearce is then asked if they’re breakable, which leads to his comments on people being jerks in Minecraft.

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