Minecraft mangrove builds have arrived, and they’re awesome

Minecraft's first 1.19 snapshot introduces the Deep Dark biome, frogs, mud blocks, and Sculk systems, though mangrove builds are the real highlight

Minecraft mangrove build: a new wood type from the Wild update that someone has turned into a house

Minecraft’s first snapshot of the Wild update may have introduced some cute frogs and a new biome, but it’s the mangrove builds that fans are making out of the new woods that stand out the most. It’s probably the wonderful red hue and rich earthy tones of the new building material that make them so easy on the eyes – it’s a description that could easily be applied to a good blend of coffee.

The initial snapshot of the new blocks has got a great reaction on the Minecraft subreddit as people are chuffed about having another new block to use in their builds. It’s not just the colour that appeals, as the trapdoor makes for a homely look for windows, or even a fun take on mosaic flooring or skylights. You can also use mangrove wood to make these incredibly unsettling eye illusions in the building game, but we’re not going to dwell on that for too long.

There are plenty of wonderful sights to see, but we’re especially taken with this mangrove swamp village. The addition of the redwood allows for some really nice contrasts, and it helps settle the village into the biome a bit more than usual. If you’re not in the mood for a swamp, then maybe you’d prefer making a nice barn?

Of course, not every use of the new block is quite as wholesome as those. One Reddit user shows off what looks like an innocent enough screenshot at first glance. However, the longer you look at it, the more it looks like chunks of meat are hanging from the ceiling. When compared to the usual brown wood, the red almost looks like bloodstains. Hopefully we’ll see Minecraft mangrove wood being used to great effect in some horror builds.

First look at new mangrove wood blocks in snapshot 22w11a from Minecraft

Finally, if you’re trying to figure out what the trapdoors could look like when they’re not being used as eyes that watch your every move, you should check out this stunning castle. The versatility of the new block can be seen in full effect here, with the trapdoors littering the side of the building and making the place look akin to a low-light prison of sorts. Now just imagine someone covered it in eyes. Maybe this is how we’ll get Bloodborne on PC?

We’ve only had Mangrove wood for an hour, but I am already in love. from Minecraft

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