Beloved Minecraft multiplayer server is finally going public

The open beta for one of Minecraft's most highly anticipated multiplayer servers is here, so pack your bags and get ready to set off for the MCC Island.

A Minecraft character wearing a yellow striped shirt and white cap is running with an MCC Island ticket and suitcase in hand

Minecraft is the sandbox game that just keeps on giving as the seasons roll by. From modders to moderators, Minecraft has one of the biggest and brightest fanbases around, so no matter what niche you feel you fall under, there is a multiplayer server tailored directly to your tastes. MCC Island is one such server, catching the attention of many players as the official server of the MC Championship tournament. Despite the hype surrounding it, MCC Island remained closed to the public… until now.

Released back in 2022, MCC Island operated in closed beta form while frequently releasing teasers and trailers showing its features off. The Minecraft Championship itself is one of the community’s most exciting events, with fan-favorite mini-games played by opposing teams, from PvP experiences like Battle Box to more agility-oriented ones like Parkour Warrior. Now that the server is open to the public, you can play these yourself with friends or strangers.

If you want to join in on the fun, all you need to do is add the Minecraft server to your directory. Navigate through the multiplayer menus in vanilla Minecraft and enable server resource packs. Ta-da! You can now participate in MCC Island’s round-based games with your friends to see if you can match up to other Minecraft players. If you want to know more about the open beta, check out its full details here.

A female and male Minecraft character cheer behind a logo that reads "OPEN TO EVERYONE"

If you are a solo player yourself, no need to fret. You can queue up alone or with others for the same mini-games. I’m thrilled to see more multiplayer experiences like MCC Island coming to fruition as someone who grew up with countless hours spent on Minecraft’s older servers. Making friends while jumping about on blocks, I even remember when the servers were hosted online, in-browser. Does this mean I’m getting old?

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