Minecraft Spellcraft DLC adds “powerful” spellcasting for free

Minecraft's Spellcraft DLC could be one of the best yet thanks to a mix of powerful new enemies and the ability to craft up to 20,000 spells

Minecraft's Spellcraft DLC image showing player characters on the right launching spells at enemies on the left

The Minecraft Spellcraft DLC differs a bit from recent efforts, like the Minions invading. However, the marketplace is also filled to the brim with unique offerings and adventures to explore if you’re happy to push through some of the chaff. Today’s is both free and completely original, and it comes from Gamemode One.

Minecraft’s Spellcraft was teased last week as part of the fifth-anniversary marketplace sale, but today’s the day we get access to it. Spellcraft is going to be the premiere of a brand-new scripting API for Minecraft’s Bedrock edition. The blurb boasts that players can “craft powerful elemental spells with over 20,000 unique spell combinations,” featuring magical rifts filled with enemies. “Level up your abilities, and defeat harder challenges as you become more powerful!”

Minecraft’s magical systems usually go no further than enchantments, but the idea of actually having an in-depth spell system to tinker with is very exciting. There are a fair few enemy types too, including flying mages, elemental wisps, and even a new skeleton model.

The specific release time for the Spellcraft DLC is currently unknown as it’s still “coming soon” at the time of writing, but just keep an eye on the site and you should be able to download it as soon as it’s available. Plus, if the teaser about it is to be believed, it’ll be free to download as well. It’s hard to argue with free as a price tag.

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