Minecraft mod adds Breath of the Wild Guardians to the sandbox game

This Minecraft mod aims to recreate Breath of the Wild in the sandbox game and has just added in the mighty and fearsome Guardians

Minecraft mod breath of the wild. This image shows Alex above a pit that has a Zelda guardian in it.

This Minecraft mod aims to bring as much of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as it can to the sandbox game, and it just keeps getting better. If you’re an adventure game fan, or just have a love of one of the most popular games of all time, then this can only ever be a good thing.

It’s not one of the best Minecraft mods yet, but if more things keep getting added, then it certainly could be. We actually wrote about the Breath of the Wild mod way back in August, and it was already a substantial change to how Minecraft works. However, the latest update adds in some incredibly key features to the game, like more ruins, proper Sheikah tech, elemental arrows, and of course, Guardians.

Guardians are ancient weapons of war that you stumble across in Breath of the Wild, and often get sniped by when you do. They shoot incredibly powerful lasers at you from absurd distances, and the only way to really hurt them is using Sheikah tech, or by parrying their own deadly lasers back at them. It’s not an easy thing to do, and we’ve no doubt facing them in Minecraft is going to be just as daunting.

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Craiy and co uploaded another video showing off the new update, so you can get a feel for what’s changed before diving in. If you do want to download it, all you have to do is grab the data back from Craiy.net. Just make sure to run your regular virus checks just in case.

If you’re hoping to get into more Minecraft mods, then it’s definitely worth learning how to install Minecraft Forge 1.19. If you’re just here for magic, then this Minecraft enchantments guide should have you covered.