Minecraft mod give us good reason to fear the oceans

Minecraft YouTubers love to mess around with their friends by changing up the game, and this time around one took to the seas themselves to wreak havoc

A Minecraft ocean with a big old shark in front of it with a little baby shark under it's fin

Minecraft YouTubers are basically at war with one another trying to make the most horrendous changes they can and then surprise each other with them. You’ve got Mysticat building tanks, Fundy creating horrifying versions of Pac-Man, and now SystemZee transforming an entire biome just for revenge.

SystemZee decided that the fear of drowning wasn’t enough to keep people out of the water, so coded in a few new enemies with their team to terrorize people with.

As is the way with these videos, it kicks off with SystemZee explaining the new changes, a little bit about how they did it, and why. They begin by creating a new kind of slime, a shark, and a funky fish. Then they decide they need help, and reach out for help to create the main boss of this little update.

The slimes attack from the ocean floor to deter players who’re looking to settle down, the surfer, which is the funky fish, drags players down from the surface to the depths, and then the shark eats you. Look, sharks haven’t evolved in millions of years because they’re already perfect; who are we to correct such things?

Along with the new Minecraft mobs, SystemZee also adds in a submarine, which is awesome, along with the final boss, which is a giant cyclone of death, pain, and fear. The video ends with everyone being sucked into the end boss and the players turning on one another to try and stay in the safe submarine. It’s a lot of fun to watch and makes us wonder if Mojang watches these videos for inspiration.

In other Minecraft news, Mysticat decided to have an AI redesign bits of Minecraft to see how it all looked and sounded. We’re glad they’re not in charge yet.