YouTuber uses AI to make Minecraft and it’s terrifying

Minecraft and AI were never meant to meet but Mysticat cares not for rules or reason and smashed the two together anyway to show us a glimpse of hell

An AI take on Minecraft Steve in front of a traditional Minecraft image

Minecraft is already a very clever game, but it could look better, right? There’s one weird way people can redesign things with ease at the moment, and that’s AI. Thanks to images from Dall-E running rampant around the internet, AI is a big thing at the moment, so it was only a matter of time until someone gave Minecraft the AI treatment.

Mysticat, who you can normally find building working tanks and shooting their friends with them, decided it was about time we saw the true potential of Mojang’s voxel universe. In their most recent video, they go through a bunch of different AI systems to change how the game looks and sounds. They use things like Soundraw for music and sound effects, and Craiyon for textures. You can follow along with the video for every AI used, and each small change quickly adds up.

The end result of all of these small changes is, frankly, kind of unnerving. While some blocks like dirt come away looking pretty good, the PNG images for flowers and the horrifying faces of some of the Minecraft mobs are nightmare fuel. The sound effects are particularly haunting, with each animal sounding like something you’d expect to hear as the world succumbs to a demon invasion.

On the plus side, we’re pretty sure this is all the proof anybody could need as to why it’s people that should be designing games and not weird AI sites. Hopefully, this also means the inevitable machine uprising is a ways off as well. Although if Minecraft’s Warden ever becomes real and makes it out of the game we’re in a huge amount of trouble.

In other Minecraft innovations, if you’re a big fan of Redstone then this video where some expert builders take a look at how things have changed over the years is a must-watch.