Turns out Minecraft pigs are the answer to inefficient stairs

You can ascend to the block-builder's skies with a little help from its passive pink mobs

The Minecraft Nether update, which arrived in June this year, added a new tune to the sandbox game’s music collection: ‘Pigstep’ by Celeste composer Lena Raine. And it seems this ditty might have inspired an all-new way to ascend to the block-builder’s sky – because, “imagine climbing steep stairs when you can do the Pigstep”.

It’s a good point, and one made by Minecraft fan 2_PercentMilk, who has posted a brief gameplay clip showcasing their solution to climbing steep steps – that is, using the building game’s passive pink pig mobs. As you can see below (to the tune of Pigstep), the player’s created a kind of pig-based elevator system, hoisting the little critters into the air in a sequence of ascending, er, ‘steps’.

Taking a flying leap at the lowest hovering piggy, the player’s able to saddle up, and then rapidly launch themselves right to the top of the chain using what looks like the mount and dismount features. From the top of the pig steps, the world looks tiny below – apart from the near-orbiting piggies, of course.

Take a look at how to pigstep Minecraft-style below:

Imagine climbing steep stairs when you can do the Pigstep from r/Minecraft

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