Best Minecraft tower designs

Here are some of the best Minecraft tower designs for building something that little bit different, while being able to look out at the land and mobs around you


Looking for the best cool Minecraft tower designs? While houses may seem like the ideal way to showcase your Minecraft skills, and a Minecraft treehouse is a wonderful accomplishment, there’s something to be said about putting together a tower that reaches into the heavens. It’s going to take a lot of time and energy, but boy, are the results worth it when you’re quite literally towering over your world.

The freedom to make whatever you want makes Minecraft one of the best PC games. These juggernauts are intricately detailed, fully climbable, and sure to keep you safe from the most dangerous Minecraft mobs – unless, of course, they start chipping away at the base. Between massive gothic spires, fantasy turrets, and everything in between, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Minecraft towers – which should be just enough to send your imagination sky-high in the survival game.

We’ve included the best designs, from medieval fantasy to a solitary lighthouse for those wanting a quiet life at sea. Whether you’re a newcomer or looking for a fresh challenge after rebuilding the Sistine Chapel brick by brick, here are some fantastic Minecraft tower design ideas.

The best Minecraft tower designs are:

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Wizard tower

Wizard towers mix the fairy tale aesthetic of fantasy towers with a little magic. This Minecraft wizard tower build by Pixlriffs packs heaps of charm and multiple turrets. This build is practical, too, with chests and a Minecraft potions lab to help you concoct your magical brews. Check out more Pixlriffs builds on his YouTube channel.

Fantasy tower

If you’re looking to assert your dominance in your Minecraft world with a structure piercing the heavens, then look no further than this Fantasy Tower from Jeracraft.

Intricately detailed and with a solid stone foundation, it might not be the easiest build (especially for anyone suffering from vertigo), but it’s sure to keep you busy for hours and stand the test of time. Once you’re finished, you can enjoy the view of your entire server.

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Tower of light

Nights in Minecraft are dark, but this build from A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT is sure to be a beacon of warmth (or you could try an actual Minecraft beacon), and you can probably see it from space, too.

Beginning with a stone pillar before essentially building a beautiful house on top, before growing in complexity and detail the higher it goes. Even better, when it’s dark, the lights in the windows and on the column add an extra dose of atmosphere.

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Rustic tower

This Rustic Tower from Avomance is as monolithic as it is beautiful, perched atop a hill overlooking a port village.

Fitting in nicely with the rest of the world, this creation is wrapped in greenery and built of equal parts wood and stone. Perhaps most impressively, this structure was built freehand – i.e. without a template.

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World’s tallest tower

Back to Jeracraft here, and now the creator is just showing off. This stone purple tower is huge and architecturally impossible – at least, we think it is.

A gothic stone tower that would give Sauron a run for his money is linked to a further spire by a freestanding spiral staircase. Extra turrets protrude from the base tower, too, and the whole thing is capped off by huge mushrooms in the surrounding area.

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Medieval lighthouse

Something a little different, this medieval lighthouse from Master Majesty is giving off “Beacons of Gondor” vibes.

Built out at sea (because where else would you find a lighthouse), this huge structure is full of stairs and ladders to help you get to the top, along with a viewing platform to help guide wayward ships home. Once night falls, it’s lit from top to bottom, too – with lanterns hanging from every level.

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Minecraft skyscraper

If you’re loving these tower designs, you can apply your new builds to make your very own city in Minecraft. Now you’ve mastered the height of these grand designs, take a look at the impressive skyline of the most built up places in Minecraft, Mattupolis. If you need a simpler jumping off point, we’ve included how to build one of our favourite skyscrapers in Minecraft, a sandstone and dark oak building with glass panes that wouldn’t look out of place in 1920s New York.

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Minecraft watchtower

This medieval watchtower is the perfect place to cast your eye across the land and marvel at your other blocky creations. The interior is just as impressive, coming alive at night with lanterns adorning the walls as you head up a spiral staircase to keep an eye out for lurking Minecraft phantoms.

These are the best Minecraft tower designs we’ve come across, but if you’re looking to start a little smaller, here are some cool Minecraft house ideas. Smaller than that? Check out these stylish Minecraft kitchen ideas to pimp out your blocky pad. We also have a list of the best crafting games if you’ve exhausted everything Minecraft has to offer, or at least until the Minecraft 1.20 update release date has come and gone.

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