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Minecraft Reddit of over seven million users loses Mojang support

The official Minecraft Reddit of over seven million members is losing Mojang support and updates, following the proposed API changes to the platform.

Minecraft Reddit of over seven million users loses Mojang support

The Minecraft Reddit is losing official content and support from Mojang following the announcement of API changes, as the sandbox game developer doesn’t see it as an “appropriate place” to direct players. This follows a temporary shutdown of the Minecraft Reddit, alongside many other communities on the site, in protest of the planned changes.

Right now the Minecraft Reddit isn’t going anywhere, but official updates and support from developer Mojang look to be on the way out, according to a statement from Tuesday, June 27. The Minecraft Reddit currently has around 7.4 million members.

“As you have no doubt heard by now, Reddit management introduced changes recently that have led to rule and moderation changes across many subreddits,” Minecraft’s Java platform tech lead ‘slicedlime’ says. “Because of these changes, we no longer feel that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or refer our players to.”

“We want to thank you for all the feedback and discussion you’ve participated in past changelog threads. You are of course welcome to post unofficial update threads going forward, and if you want to reach the team with feedback about the game, please visit our feedback site at feedback.minecraft.net or contact us on one of our official social media channels.”

Minecraft Reddit of over seven million users loses Mojang support

So there you have it, the Minecraft subreddit will no longer be a port of call for official communication from Mojang. Your easiest option is probably the Minecraft Discord instead now, while official Twitter accounts and even the Minecraft launcher itself will still be hubs for official communication.

While not expressly stated, this is likely due to the imminent Reddit API and moderator changes. For the uninitiated, API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it allows two applications to share information, with Reddit operating its API for free.

This meant third-party apps like Apollo could build interfaces based on subreddits, posts, and comments for free. But Reddit now wants to charge for API use, so apps like Apollo are closing their doors as they can’t afford it. Moderators and users alike don’t like how this change has been communicated, or that it’s coming in the first place.

This led to hundreds of subreddits going dark between Monday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 14, including the Minecraft sub, which was then forced to reopen. It’s not exactly Minecraft players wanting a dirt cube back, but this marks a colossal change for official communication in the subreddit.

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