Minecraft mod lets you live your Dance Dance Revolution fantasy

Minecraft Redstone is rapidly becoming the most versatile item in gaming and it's not slowing down any time soon so you'd best keep to the beat

A Minecraft dance floor with Steve dabbing in front of it

Minecraft Redstone is easily one of the most entertaining things to see working. Despite being fairly straightforward when it was first introduced, things have changed so much since then that you can do nearly anything with it now. We’ve seen a few different games ported into Minecraft already, including Minesweeper, but today’s video shows off a working Dance Dance Revolution.

MattBatWings, a mighty Redstone crafter, asked their community what they’d like the YouTuber to make. This included things like instantaneous computation and a device that can send and store images, but MattBatWings also builds a working version of the classic arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. They’ve not played the game, but that didn’t stop them.

In the process of creating this, MattBatWings explains that Redstone lamps have a strange quirk which means they don’t turn off straight away. While this isn’t a huge issue when building a door or something, it ends up being a big issue when you’re recreating classic games in this sandbox game. Naturally, this obstacle was swiftly overcome, but the creator did make it smaller to stop some of the issues the massive screen was initially causing.

Perhaps the coolest thing of all is that you can download the map used for this video and play around yourself. Even if you’re not a Dance Dance Revolution fan, it’s still a nice chance to poke around the complex Redstone circuitry making these incredible devices work. It made us feel entirely inadequate, but maybe you’re a genius like MattBatWings and it makes sense to you.

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