SomeBODY remade Shrek’s All Star opening in Minecraft

Hey now, you're in Minecraft

It’s Friday, and you deserve a combination of Minecraft, Smash Mouth, and the cult (or ironic? I can’t tell anymore) classic film, Shrek. A group of enterprising fans have fully recreated the opening minutes of Shrek within Minecraft, complete with outhouse, mud baths, bathroom humour, and an army of villagers.

A couple of title cards are simply pulled out of the film and pixelated, but otherwise it’s all the shots of the All Star intro impressively recreated within Minecraft – plus a little custom content, obviously. Besides the Shrek skin (I smell an update to our list of the best Minecraft skins), project leader Definutlynotcrispy says the video also makes use of Chocapic13’s shaders.

You can scroll on down to see the video for yourself, but it shows off the creativity possible inside the blockbuilder, well beyond the usual best Minecraft builds. It also serves as a reminder of the timeless quality of classic animated films like Shrek and – wait, are we supposed to be calling Shrek a classic now? I know I sure liked it when I was 11, but I still have no idea whether or not all these memes are ironic.

Anyway, watch the video and smile.

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We’re going to get a whole lot more Minecraft news soon thanks to Minecraft Live on October 3, which should provide a load of information on the sandbox game’s next round of major updates.