They put full Sonic levels and a Chao Garden in this Minecraft DLC

Sonic's Chao Gardens are officially back! Minecraft!

They won’t put the Chao Garden in Sonic anymore, so I guess it’s up to this Minecraft DLC to correct that problem. Yes, there is now Sonic the Hedgehog DLC available in the Marketplace for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and it adds a robust set of Sonic-themed content for the ubiquitous block-builder.

The pack is available for $7.99 USD, and contains a set of 25 skins ranging from Sonic to Mighty the Armadillo which you can use in any world. There’s also a set of original levels you can jump into that recreate locations like Green Hill Zone inside of Minecraft, complete with speed-driven course filled with enemies, boost pads, secrets to find, rings to collect, and loops to, er, loop. And yes, as the trailer confirms, there is a Chao Garden, so our post-Tamagotchi dreams can live again.

This DLC pack is designed by the folks at Game Mode One, who previously built Minecraft crossovers with How to Train Your Dragon and Pac-Man, as well as original Marketplace content like Bloom and Advanced Mining.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has already gotten plenty of other licensed DLC, from Jurassic World to Star Wars, and the unlicensed options over in those Java edition Minecraft mods are even more prolific.

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For now, though… Chao Gardens are back. My watch is finally at an end.