Minecraft speedrun record smashed as xQc Forsen rivalry continues

A Minecraft speedrun record has been smashed by Twitch streamer xQc, two years after it was set by ostensible rival Forsen in the Mojang building game

Minecraft speedrun record smashed as xQc Forsen rivalry continues. Minecraft speedrun record holder xQc against a background from the Mojang building game

A Minecraft speedrun record, challenging players to get from the start of the Mojang building game to defeating the Ender Dragon in as fast a time as possible, has been smashed by Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, almost two years after the previous record was set by would-be rival Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors.

In April 2021, Forsen set the Ender Dragon speedrun record, reaching the Minecraft boss in just 20 minutes and 38 seconds. However, on January 4 Canadian Twitch streamer and former Overwatch League pro player xQc, who maintains a friendly rivalry with Forsen, completed the same run in 20 minutes and five seconds, significantly undercutting the previous best time.

xQc has been practising the Minecraft run ever since Forsen’s record in 2021, with the game’s RNG (random number generation) proving a significant obstacle, since players require an almost perfect world seed in order to quickly obtain the required materials to locate the Ender Dragon and win the climactic battle.

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“Hello @Forsen,” xQc writes on Twitter, sharing a screengrab from the word-record run. “This is an official notice that your record has been destroyed. It may be time to submit to the purgatory once again. Good day.” xQc then adds “PS: get rolled. Nub.”

There are a variety of speedrun categories for Minecraft, including one that challenges players to simply enter the Nether which requires building a portal using semi-rare obsidian blocks. The current record in that category is a mere two minutes and seven seconds, set in 2022 by German runner ‘ensn.’

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