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Monopoly Go Road to Riches rewards

Now that the Monopoly Go Road to Riches event has begun, here are all of the Monopoly Go rewards you can get for participating right now.

Monopoly Go Road to Riches event: The Monopoly Man is Scrooge-McDucking by leaping into a vault filled with cash. The Dog, Penguin, and Rubber Duck tokens look on from the entrance.

What are the Monopoly Go Road to Riches rewards? Continuing on the new season is yet another event for the online board game. This time, we get a whole bunch of Partner points to help with the also-active Gardening Partners event and a whopping 30 minutes’ worth of High Roller event triggers.

With all this excitement coming to Monopoly Go, it can be hard to track when new features are coming to the digital board game. Our dedicated Monopoly Go events guide can help you work out what’s happening in-game and what will be coming soon. Just like the other events, the Monopoly Go Road to Riches requires those all-important dice, so for that, we have a list of the latest Monopoly Go dice links that are updated daily, just in case you run out.

Monopoly Go Road to Riches rewards

Here are all of the Road to Riches rewards and how to earn them:

Milestone Points Reward
1 5 70 Partner points
2 5 20 dice rolls
3 5 1 Green sticker pack
4 10 80 Partner points
5 45 120 dice rolls
6 5 120 Partner points
7 10 10-minute Cash Grab
8 15 1 Green sticker pack
9 10 150 Partner points
10 120 250 dice rolls
11 15 Cash
12 20 1 Green sticker pack
13 20 180 Partner points
14 25 Cash
15 200 375 Partner points
16 40 5-minute Cash Boost
17 30 1 Yellow sticker pack
18 35 Cash
19 40 210 Partner points
20 400 700 dice rolls
21 45 10-minute High Roller
22 50 230  Partner points
23 50 Cash
24 55 1 Red sticker pack
25 750 1,200 dice rolls
26 55 Cash
27 60 1 Blue sticker pack
28 65 250 Partner points
29 70 100 dice rolls
30 600 Cash
31 150 270 Partner points
32 175 Cash
33 200 1 Blue Sticker pack
34 225 300 Partner points
35 1,300 1,800 dice rolls
36 300 20-minute Rent Boost
37 350 Cash
38 400 350 Partner points
39 500 1 Purple sticker pack
40 2,200 3,000 dice rolls
41 550 20-minute High Roller
42 600 500 Partner points
43 650 Cash
44 700 800 dice rolls
45 1,700 Cash
46 750 900 dice rolls
47 800 1 Purple sticker pack
48 850 650 Partner points
49 4,000 6,500 dice rolls and 1 Purple sticker pack

You can earn up to 15,765 dice rolls by completing the Road to Riches event!

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How to play Monopoly Go Road to Riches

Like many other events in the past, the Monopoly Go Road to Riches event shows up as a banner in the center-top portion of the screen whenever you launch the game. Note that it’s only available for a limited time, so you’ll have to be quick.

To earn Monopoly Go Road to Riches rewards, you need to land on Income Tax, Super Tax, Electric Company, or Water Works. The tax tiles are worth +3 red apartments (this event’s icon for points), while both utility tiles are worth +2. Make sure to land on these with higher dice multipliers for increased rewards.

However, note that your points total between each milestone isn’t cumulative. They reset between each milestone you meet, but if you’re a seasoned Monopoly Go player, chances are you’ll land on these qualifying tiles often enough, so this leaves less of a bitter taste.

When does Monopoly Go Road to Riches end?

The Monopoly Go Road to Riches event ends on January 11, 2024 at 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm GMT.

This event will last three days in total, which is one of the longer events we’ve seen in Monopoly Go of late. This follows the Monopoly Origins event, which ended on January 8, 2024.

How to earn more Monopoly Go Road to Riches points

The simple way to earn Monopoly Go Road to Riches points is to land on the qualifying tiles on the board. Those who don’t mind a degree of risk may gamble by increasing the dice roll multiplier by tapping on the number at the top right of the roll button to try and earn more Monopoly Go Road to Riches points whenever you land on the tax or utility tiles.

By having more dice rolls saved up, you can increase the multiplier even further, but there’s a chance you could land on a different tile, so watch out. This event has a couple of High Roller perks to unlock, allowing you to increase your dice multiplier even more, so it’s well worth using if you need that extra push.

Now that you have everything you need about the Monopoly Go Road to Riches event, feel free to throw those dice and nab those goodies. In the meantime, those looking for something different should check out the best board games on PC list, as there’s more out there than Monopoly. We also have a list of recommendations for the best free PC games to try if you don’t want to break the bank.