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Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards

One of the final in-game events of January 2024, these Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards could finally be worth spending your holiday dice rolls on.

The Monopoly Man ringing a bell in Monopoly Go/.

What are the Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards? As we approach the end of the first month of the year, Monopoly Go is keeping those January blues away with back-to-back board game events. Whether you’ve been keeping up with the lot or have hatched a plan to save your spins for a blowout, this could be the event that’ll have you clear a hard board in one go.

Before we dive into the usual show of Monopoly Go rewards, you might want to open up our Monopoly Go events page. Through it, you’ll find ways to make the most of the current big board event with smaller ones you can play at the same time. Paired with the latest Monopoly Go dice links, you’ll breeze through the lot. And if you’re starting to crave something new, check out the best online board games to try in its place.

Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards

Here are the Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards you can grab by participating in the event:

Milestone Points Reward
1 5 15 dice rolls
2 5 5 prize drop chips
3 10 Cash
4 10 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
5 65 100 dice rolls
6 15  8 prize drop chips
7 20 Cash
8 20 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
9 25 Cash
10 180 225  dice rolls
11 25 12 prize drop chips
12 30 Cash Grab (10-minutes)
13 35 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
14 40 15 prize drop chips
15 350 400 dice rolls
16 45 Cash
17 60 Sticker Pack (3x 2-star)
18 100 Cash
19 70 30 prize drop chips
20 700 725 dice rolls
21 80 Cash
22 100 Sticker Pack (3x 3-star)
23 110 45 prize drop chips
24 120 Cash
25 1300 1,200 dice rolls
26 130 High Roller (15-minutes)
27 140 Cash
28 150 60 prize drop chips
29 160 Sticker Pack (3x 3-star)
30 1,000 Cash
31 175 160 dice rolls
32 250 Cash
33 300 Sticker Pack (4x 4-star)
34 280 75 prize drop chips
35 2,000 1,700 dice rolls
36 400 Cash Grab (15-minutes)
37 600 Sticker Pack (4x 4-star)
38 700 500 dice rolls
39 800 100 prize drop chips
40 3,000 2,500 dice rolls
41 900 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
42 1,000 Rent Frenzy (25-minutes)
43 1,100 130 prize drop chips
44 1,200 900 dice rolls
45 2,500 Cash
46 1,200 160 prize drop chips
47 1,400 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
48 1,500 Cash
49 6,000 6,500 dice rolls

If you complete the Monopoly Go Winter Express event, you’ll scoop up a grand total of 14,925 dice rolls for free.

The Monopoly Go Winter Express in-game screen.

How to play Monopoly Go Winter Express

You can start the Monopoly Go Winter Express event when you see its banner at the top of your game screen. So long as this banner is showing, landing on the required tiles on the board will automatically earn you points toward its rewards.

For the Monopoly Go Winter Express event, you want to land on the corner squares of the board. That means landing on Go, Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go to Jail will increase your point tally. Any points milestone you reach will see the applicable reward automatically unlocked and added to your account.

Each applicable tile awards the same four-point total to your tally by default. There are ways to increase that, though, to speed up progress. It just comes with a bit of a risk. More on that below.

When does Monopoly Go Winter Express end?

The Monopoly Go Winter Express event ends on January 22 at 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM GMT. It follows the Monopoly Go Cold Snap event that finished up the moment this event started.

How to earn more Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards

While unlocking Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards simply means landing on the applicable squares, progress can be very slow if you’re not taking a little risk as you play.

To earn more Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards, you need to increase your dice roll multiplier. You can do this by tapping the little red button on the corner of the dice roll button.

The more rolls you have saved up, the higher you’ll be able to set this multiplier. It’ll mean using more rolls per press, but you’ll also see the Winter Express points you earn when landing on the correct squares multiply in-turn.

It’s risky if you don’t have many rolls saved up, but with a high multiplier, one good roll could shoot you through multiple event milestones, getting you a cavalcade of rewards in one go that might just keep you going.

With things like High Roller active, you can increase your multiplier event more.

And that’s about everything you should need to know about the Monopoly Go Winter Express rewards. While you’re reading this, why not check out the best free PC games? You might just be able to play one while you churn through your spins. Just want some more board game action? We also have a list of the best board games to keep you engaged.