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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Banbaro guide - MHW Banbaro hunting tips

Here’s how to take down the powerful new Banbaro monster from MHW: Iceborne


Want some tips for hunting Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Banbaro? The release of Iceborne, Monster Hunter: World’s big upcoming expansion is nearly upon us. The team at Capcom is promising an avalanche of new content, such as new moves for all existing weapons, a nifty new feature for the slinger called the clutch claw, and a brand new hub town named Seliana. The most exciting additions, however, are the new monsters.

Capcom has built a roster of new and returning monsters for the Iceborne expansion. Fan favorites like Tigrex and Nargacuga will be making an appearance, alongside a host of brand new monsters; the Shrieking Legiana, Beotodus, and the elder dragon Velkhana are all bonafide Iceborne originals just waiting to be slayed (or captured). Joining them is Banbaro, a hulking new brute wyvern. Thanks to a pair of public betas, we’ve been able to try our hands at hunting this towering beast.

Banbaro is described in-game as “a monster with two giant horns, like a running brick wall. It charges at threats while digging its massive horns in the ground, sometimes picking up entire trees along the way.”

Looking at it, Banbaro resembles an enormous, overgrown moose with a flat platypus-esque tail. Most of its body is covered in white fur, with a few bits sporting gray scales. The most prominent feature, however, is the pair of horns threateningly emerging from its head. This, you’ll quickly find, is Banbaro’s primary weapon. The locale that it calls home is the Hoarfrost Reach, Iceborne’s new ice-bound environment.

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MHW Banbaros hunting guide

This brute wyvern earns the moniker thanks to its hard-hitting, ungraceful attacks. What Banbaro lacks in agility, it more than makes up for in strength. Many of its attacks are plainly telegraphed, but that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. It only takes a couple of good shots to get carted, so keep those mega potions and vigorwasp stations at the ready.

Banbaro’s primary method of attack involves its enormous antlers. If there’s much distance between you and it, it will dig them into the ground and charge in your direction. While charging, Banbaro is able to pick up debris to strengthen its attack. If it picks up a giant snowball and hits you with it, your hunter will be infected with iceblight, a status effect that sees your stamina recovering slower than usual. For this reason it’s a good idea to carry Nullberries into your Banbaro hunts. While charging, Banbaro can also pick up logs. Getting hit with these won’t infect you with any adverse status effects, but it does make the attack’s hit box much larger and harder to dodge.

After charging, Banbaro has a tendency to perform a smash attack. You’ll want to keep your distance as it winds up, but if you’re feeling confident, you can time a sprint toward its head. You want to arrive just after the attack hits the ground because that’s when Banbaro is most vulnerable, and the head is one of the best targets on this hulking wyvern, especially if you’re sporting a heavy blunt weapon like the hammer or hunting horn. Beyond dealing knockdown damage, hitting Banbaro in the head also has a chance of breaking its horns, taking away its most useful weapons.

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Banbaro is one of the slower monsters introduced in Iceborne, making it a prime target for practicing with the Clutch Claw, the new slinger attachment. By firing the Claw at the monster, you can immediately mount it, break parts, and deal good damage. You can also fire off a flinch round directly into the monster, sending it reeling into a nearby wall and stunning it, giving you ample time to deal damage.