Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Nargacuga guide – MHW Nargacuga hunting tips

Nargacuga makes its return to Monster Hunter in Iceborne, here’s how to take it down

Looking for hunting tips for MHW Nargacuga? Monster Hunter: World is about to get a whole lot bigger thanks to Iceborne, an expansion that is set to bring a host of new content to the action-RPG mega hit. In the long buildup to Iceborne’s late-2019 release, Capcom is slowly revealing many of the expansion’s most substantial additions, such as a brand new locale in Hoarfrost Reach, new moves for each of the existing weapons, and the Clutch Claw, a modification to the Slinger that lets hunters easily mount monsters.

However, a Monster Hunter game is only as good as its roster of monsters, though, and Iceborne will certainly not disappointed on that front. The expansion introduces several new and returning monsters, including Banbaro, Tigrex, Beotodus, the Shrieking Legiana, and a new elder dragon called Velkhana. Also among Iceborne’s stable of monsters lurks one fan favorite that has been teased ever since the initial announcement of the expansion: Nargacuga.

MHW Nargacuga is a second generation monster that made its debut back in 2009’s Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and has been terrorizing hunters ever since. A flying wyvern, Nargacuga is recognized by its jet black fur and scales, as well as its glowing red eyes. Its pointed ears and lengthy tail give it a panther-like appearance, an appropriate analog considering the behavior of this deadly wyvern.

MHW Nargacuga armor set

In addition to officially announcing the return of Nargacuga, Capcom has also given us a look at the style of armor that can be crafted from its various parts. Characterized by purple scales, the armor set is also lithe and cat-like. Bulky leg protection gives way to sleek mail decorated with the beast’s fangs. The helmet boasts Nargacuga’s pointed ears and a lengthy shock of fur. Take a look at it below.

How do you slay MHW Nargacuga in Iceborne?

Facing down a Nargacuga in Iceborne is certainly a daunting task. The flying wyvern uses its speed to jump around the arena and get behind hunters, and its spiked tail is as deadly as any claw or tooth. Luckily, you can use these characteristics to your advantage as long as you’re quick enough.

One of Nargacuga’s signature attacks is a powerful downward swing with its tail. The range on this attack is surprisingly long, but it’s telegraphed plainly. As it rears its tail back make sure to dodge out of the way and the tail will lodge itself in the ground for a moment. This is a perfect chance to get in a few quick hits as the wyvern attempts to free itself.

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Because of its agility, it can be tough to find an opening to attack Nargacuga, especially for slower weapons like the great sword and hammer. For this reason, traps and environmental hazards shine against this foe. Keep an eye out for ways to entrap Nargacuga, such as vine traps in the Ancient Forest, or by placing a shock or pitfall trap on the battlefield. On a similar note, status effects are sure to go a long way. Bring a stack of paralysis knives or a fast-attacking thunder elemental weapon to stun the beast for a window of opportunity.

Another strategy is to bring some screamer pods into battle with you. Like Diablos, Jyuratodus, and Lavasioth, Nargacuga is very sensitive to the sonic emissions of this type of slinger ammo. Set off a few of these and it will recoil from the sound, giving you plenty of time to hammer away. This is also a good opportunity to employ the Clutch Claw and mount the beast for some bonus damage.