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Capcom’s best RPG skyrockets in player numbers, beating The Finals

If you're into hunting gigantic creatures, Monster Hunter World is going through a wild resurgence on Steam, so now's time to jump in.

Capcom's best RPG skyrockets in player numbers, beating The Finals: Image of armored dinosaur-like monster kicking up sand in a dusty mountainous area.

After almost six years, Monster Hunter World is still alive and kicking. Its post-game resurgence has even blown past recent arrivals like The Finals in player numbers on Steam, gradually starting to rival its golden days from all those years ago.

According to SteamDB, a website focused on providing data on Steam games, Monster Hunter World has peaked at over 135,000 players in the last 30 days. This is a rather sharp climb compared to most of 2023, which saw the RPG settle around a peak of 30,000 players monthly. The monster-hunting adventure’s comeback has returned to its early days, where pulling in over 100,000 players was a regular feat in 2020.

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We can assume the ongoing Steam sale for Monster Hunter World has helped bring in newer players over the holidays; however, there’s also a lot of refreshing buzz for the series following the announcement for Monster Hunter Wilds. Debuted at The Game Awards 2023, Wilds is the next Monster Hunter game confirmed for 2025 with an incredible glow-up, and naturally, those who didn’t know about the series flocked to World out of curiosity.

Capcom has also taken notice of World’s sudden renaissance, announcing a “Return to World” event to celebrate the game through weekly community livestreams and provide tips for newcomers.

Some players on Reddit believe World and Wilds will have a deep connection, and that Capcom’s recent investment in World is a way to increase interest in Wilds. Regardless, it’s clear that Monster Hunter World is steadily growing again and will likely continue for some time – maybe even up until the release of Wilds.

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